KILZ Premium Interior Paint

Customize Your Living Space to Match your Personal Style

No matter the size of the project, all home improvement projects bombard you with an overwhelming number of choices. At Eheart Interior Solutions, we strive to take the guess work out of interior design by equipping you with the best interior designers in Northern Colorado. Now we’re excited to make your paint choices even simpler by offering KILZ Tribute Paints.KILZ Tribute Interior Paint

The idea of re-painting the interior of your house can be daunting. Our painting solutions simplify the process so you can focus on appreciating the beautiful results at an affordable price. KILZ Tribute Paint streamlines the painting process by combining the paint and primer you’ll need into one, removing hours of unnecessary work. Rejuvenate the atmosphere of an uninspired space in your home with a vibrant new color scheme with KILZ Tribute Paint.

Through nearly 70 years of innovation and research, KILZ Tribute Paint is the most technologically advanced paint and primer in one. The KILZ tradition of offering premium-caliber products ensures professionals and do-it-yourself homeowners will achieve long lasting, stunning results.

With over 500 colors and 4 different finishes to choose from, we’re sure to have what you need. Speak with us to request paint samples, or paint chips today.