Stainmaster® Carpet

Stainmaster Carpet Warranty


Texture retention – the ability of carpet tufts to retain their visible shape under foot traffic.
Stain resistance – the ability of the surface pile of the carpet to resist stains by food and beverages.
Abrasive wear – the ability of carpet to resist actual fiber loss in excess of 10-percent.

If STAINMASTER® carpet cushion is purchased at the same time as a particular brand of STAINMASTER® carpet and is installed under the STAINMASTER® carpet, the above listed limited warranties will be extended for three (3) additional years. If, however, the brand of STAINMASTER® carpet purchased is STAINMASTER ULTRA LIFE® carpet or STAINMASTER ACTIVE LIFE® carpet, the limited warranties will be extended for five (5) additional years rather than three (3) additional years.

The In-Home Satisfaction Guarantee, available only for Stainmaster carpets, takes the uncertainty out of the purchase. After 30 days, if you are unhappy with your purchase, we will replace it with a different Stainmaster carpet of the same grade or one of equal value. You need only cover the costs of removal of the unwanted carpet and the installation of the new carpet. This offer applies to owner-occupied residences only. One replacement per customer is allowed under this guarantee. See store for additional details.