Eco Friendly Flooring and Cabinets

Eheart Interior Solutions appreciates the environment and takes great pride in providing interior materials and home furnishings that are earth-friendly and environmentally-sound. Each choice offers specific benefits and a unique look. We are proud to offer several types of eco friendly flooring as well as cabinetry in our Leightonwood Series.

eco friendly flooring

Eco Friendly Flooring Options

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo is an eco friendly flooring material that is rapidly renewable and is gaining popularity as a hardwood substitute. The variety of plank sizes, unique grains, and stain colors has made bamboo diverse in style, durability, and character. Plus, bamboo features UV-cured finishes with low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions.

Cork flooring

Cork flooring is constructed from a renewable resource and has been used as an eco friendly flooring material since the 1800s. Cork comes in an array of colors and patterns that offer a uniquely beautiful solution for your floor. Either glued-down or floated over a variety of subflooring, cork is antimicrobial, resistant to mold, and has natural sound-deadening characteristics.

Natural fiber carpet

Wool and other natural fibers like sisal, coir, and seagrass are not only environmentally-friendly, but also fit a variety of decorating styles. Natural fibers offer resilience, durability, and reduced VOC emissions. Carpets constructed with wool pile feature timeless styling, soft color palettes, warmth, and durability. If properly cared for, wool carpets will remain beautiful for many years. Wool is a very resilient fiber and has the natural ability to resist matting and crushing. Wool also offers superior protection from stains, resists static electricity, and exhibits natural flame resistance.

Recycled fiber carpet

Recycled textile fibers are made from recycled plastic food and soda bottles (PET) and are highly colorfast and resistant to stains. Not only do these eco friendly carpets reduce material in landfills, but they are also durable, water resistant, and static resistant. This recycled eco friendly flooring has a comparable price and look-and-feel to polyester, nylon, and olefin carpets, but takes advantage of post-consumer recycled materials.


Breathe easy while surrounding yourself with Eheart’s exclusive stylish, sustainable wood cabinetry. Eheart’s Live Green line also incorporates eco-friendly, water-based stains and finishes and low VOC interiors. Good for the earth, beautiful for your home.

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