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With a Tigressa Carpet, Your Hunt Is Over

You want your carpet to be a beautiful and comfortable addition to your home. Yet, you want to ensure the survival of your investment with strength and durability that will withstand every day wear and tear. The hunt is over.

With many styles and colors to choose from, new Tigressa Carpet SoftStyle is highly adaptable for any room in your habitat.


Why Tigressa Carpet is Soft


More Luxurious And Smooth
Tigressa Carpets utilize advanced yarn engineering to produce a pleasant, luxurious touch with superior durability. The carpets feature precision-engineered, high-tensile filaments that are half the size of a human hair for ultra-soft texture. The carpet maintains a pristine, smooth appearance due to its unique fiber shape.


Tigressa Carpet is Recyclable


Tigressa Carpets are a viable green option for your home. They are earth friendly and made from Nylon 6, a recyclable material. A Tigressa Carpet meets the rigorous standards for environmental safety and human health. The carpet was awarded The Green Select label designating the product environmentally friendly; it must be recyclable, contain a minimum of recycled material and/or be made from a natural, sustainable, quickly renewable resource.


Tigressa Carpet Fiber Strength


Stronger Than Ordinary Carpet
Dense, resilient super-strong fibers show less matting, crushing and wear.
More filaments per square inch spread out daily abuse over more individual fibers of the Tigressa carpet.
A patented color enhancement system protects each fiber and allows for deeper color and textures.




Ultimate Confidence Guarantee We stand behind our products and services. Our guarantees protect you and your investment to ensure a confident, worry-free, and enjoyable shopping experience. Check out our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee.