Innovia Carpets

Innovia CarpetInnovia Carpets: Revolutionary Natural Comfort & Strength

Innovia Carpets provide unmatchable softness & long-lasting beauty

Innovia carpets fuse natural-based fibers with hard-wearing, color-grabbing technology. Each Innovia Carpet is crafted with ground-breaking Innotex and feature:

  • Fresh, clean fibers that are exceptionally soft and comfortable
  • Amazing resiliency and crush resistance
  • Built-in stain protection that won’t wash or wear off – no chemicals, no treatments, no worries!
  • Eco friendly components: It is crafted using renewable resources, so your new floor is safe and good for the environment.

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The Innovia Touch: The Next Generation of Durability & Plush Comfort

Innovia Touch is the product of the latest cutting-edge developments in eco-friendly Innotex technology. This Innovia carpet is smooth, thick, and long-lasting with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Touch difference for yourself. The Innovia Touch features the finest fabrics and offers the ultimate in luxurious flooring for your home.
  • An exceptionally fine fiber system which allows more fibers per square inch, creating a softer, more plush feel
  • Toughness that can withstand even the highest levels of foot traffic
  • A unique ability to naturally repel liquids and spills

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