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In honor of Missy’s favorite color, let’s finish off our color series with a couple of whites not to be lived without.  Afterall, for a designer “white” is a color with innumerable options. 
“Biscuit” by Sherwin Williams (#6112)
This almost-white is so rich and warm and can accept just about any color as a complement, but would look stunning with butterscotch or cognac.


“Macadamia” by Sherwin Williams (#6142)
Quite possibly the most uncommitted neutral I’ve ever put on a wall, this color offers just enough color to know it’s there, without committing your palette to warm or cool tones.  If you’re not sure what look you’re going for yet, but want to get the walls cozied up, this is your overall neutral.

Threshold Taupe

“Threshold Taupe” by Sherwin Williams (#7501)

If you’re among the many who have accused gray of being cold, I hope this color will change your mind.  This color falls into the general category I like to call “french gray,” a color only designers can identify with because they used the Prismacolor marker this color while pulling all nighters in design school!  It’s a spectacular marriage of brown and gray in a soft, liveable neutral.

Fresh Picks: Inviting Ivory

“Inviting Ivory” by Sherwin Williams (#6372)

This neutral has just the right undertones for selling your home in no time.  It will evoke that “warm” feeling buyers are scouting for, without committing them to stick with your color scheme.