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Cofee Tables

The other surface, coffee tables. These are surfaces that can have huge impact. You can play around with texture, colors, and accessories. For a more personal look, you can have look books with family pictures, frames and sentimental items out. For a more funky look, have magazines with lots of color, or put a pop of color underneath like an area rug. If you like more simple and fresh looks, do something simple like a floral arrangement with some perennials or tulips in a simple vase, add a few books or magazines for some reading material. There are so many ways to style a coffee table, simple to over the top. Just don’t forget about this surface, it has a lot of potential. Your guest will appreciate a few magazines out or a conversation piece like your family album.

Felicia Klein


Are you needing a change for the new year? Come see me if you are feeling stuck, I specialize in furniture and space planning. Whether you want to keep existing and add a few new or simply just want to start from scratch. I am the designer for you, I would love to help make your house a home.

Fall Color: Burgandy

Paint color on  the wall, easy way to freshen up any space.
Adding a splash of color on a new sofa or an ottoman.
A more contemporay space, with pops of color in the furniture.

Here we are just a few short weeks away from my favorite season, Fall. With its crisp mornings, trees changing colors, and the anticipation of the Holiday season approaching. We also start thinking about fall in our home, where to put that beautiful fall arrangment, or maybe its time to update our homes, with new furniture, or maybe just a simple change of paint on the wall. If your thinking about a new color, why not use the color of the 2012 season, BURGANDY!! Its stunning in any application. An accessory, wall color, pillow, throw, lamp shade, etc.

New: Dovetail Furniture & Accessories

Not new to the world, but new to us. Dovetail offers unique pieces speaking to a range of tastes and styles, from classic // traditional to industrial // minimalistic.

Here’s a peek at a few favorites:












































Something New to Sit On

"Curve Your Enthusiasm" - Caracole


When I saw this new sofa from Caracole, I simply could not curve my enthusiasm. Contrasting nailheads and the soft pale ale wood finish nod to an industrial style; warm upholstery and a delicate frame reflect the Victorian era. The way in which the curvelinear form teams up with boxy seat cushions and pillows allows me to visualize the piece in both traditional and contemporary settings. Set on a plush area rug under a chandelier dripping with crystals? Absolutely. Resting on a polished concrete floor with a salvaged wood coffee table? Certainly.

“Curve Your Enthusiasm” by Caracole is 78.25″ wide, 41.75″ deep and 45.5″ high. Clear a space! We found something new for you to sit on.