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Timeless Styles…Damask and Stripes

Tile, Fabric, Lamps…you name it and you have seen Damask and Stripe Patterns on all different elements of design for, well, centuries. Both of with are on my list of timeless favorites.


With the style of tile changing so dramatically in the last 5-7 years, manufactures had to come out with those timeless pattens that we all love! 12″ x 24″ Damask Tile from Interceramic will provide you with that timeless bathroom wall you have been dreaming about; or what about the wall behind your headboard?! Get creative and have fun with some vivid color stripes in your kids bathroom or brighten up your laundry room with Aquarelle also from Interceramic.


Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional….you name it and Damask and/or Stripes normally works with any of them! Take a look at this mix of Massoud Furniture and Fabric in Damask and Stripes on different styles of furniture.


Another design element that has changed dramatically from what most of us remember. Using different materials, textures and designs wallpaper is the perfect way to finish any room. Once again in our timeless styles that we just can’t get enough of!

Now that I have you thinking, do you have a wall for tile or wallpaper or a piece of furniture that needs some timeless Damask or Stripes?

Resolve to Create a Home Office She Will…..

Be inspired by…..Have you ever thought about what you might be able to create from a truly inspirational environment at home. You could create place to contemplate, meditate, pay bills, and create strategies to reach your goals, or just do your work.   Your work space can be functional as well as beautiful.  It should reflect who you are and who you want to become.  Basic elements can set the theme and you can then add items you love as you find them along the way.

Be functional in… with just a little wild side and an unusual element in the light table for your friends to comment on.  This scheme will allow you to use any color with it and give you the basics for years to come.
Experience the whimsical…. display of furnishings, lighting and rug as background is practical yet feminine.  You can collect items in the display case that are near and dear to remind you of all things special in your life and snuggle up in the colorful easy chair to read, listen to music or if you have two, include your best friend for a great conversation.

Love the feel…… of a European Cottage and want to hide all of your work while still being organized these items may fit your bill.  The pallet is cool and serene and yet gives you a sophisticated but homey feeling.  Imagine a great cup of tea at the desk while you pay your bills, write you memoires, or send a note to your lover.
Be calm, edgy, contemporary, yet wild and feminine…… are the attributes of these special items.  Create a great space for organization and to spend your private moments in.  Special wall treatments, artwork, lighting and an artful area rug make up this space.  You could also change the colors of the wall and area rug to a hot and saucy color for a more lively room.

Create large projects……and want a desk the size of a conference table you could have one.  Think about a large table, your choice of chair style, and 10-12 chairs to pull of a spectacular presentation, dinner party, teach art, sewing, or how to make your famous desert to a few of your closest friends.  Put a long sofa down one side and use it as a library table. Use a beautiful accent piece as a buffet, storage or art and throw in a great area rug for color and warmth and you have a winning idea.    

Sunset in Highland

                                                  SUNSET IN HIGHLAND

Cherry Blossoms, Chic Vintage Chandeliers paired with a classic Chesterfield Sofa and modern and yet classic silhouette chairs are the story of the Sunset in Highland Vingette. 
This group has soft colors, and yet color.  This blend of masculine and feminine pieces which I think is nice.   The super masculine ever classic Chesterfield sofa juxtaposes the soft curve of the light fixtures and soft petite yet silver studded leather soft blue ottomans.  The coffee table has neoclassical legs – made more contemporary by being executed in shiny chrome and mirroring the top.  This group has a blend of extremes.  The light fixtures have a soft and billowy feel and in a way so does the tufted sofa.  Everything else really has straight lines.  Here is the moral of the story: Feel free to break out of the lines you think your furniture dictates!

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Resolve…..The Greatest Home Office for Him

Be the first of your friends to start off the New Year with an organized home office to support your financial success for 2011. You can have the perfect office to inspire you to success.  
The hot new color at furniture market is Red, the new scale is oversized and ottomans of all types instead of tables are the rage.  You could also infuse a little animal print to enhance your wild side.  Why not make a statement in your office by going for it and living on the edge? 

Check out some of these options and take action to create a space that will inspire and motivate you to success.
You can even put an entertainment center in your office to keep you going into the wee hours of the morning while you work.
You might even be able to enroll your boss in allowing you to work at home and save some commuting dollars as well as being a little GREEN.  If you work for yourself, this will give you a fresh start for 2011.

What wE Love Now!

Many people would say Ralph Lauren has been an influence in our lives for decades.  Think about it… fashion or furniture whether it’s been your thing during one phase or another – typically we have all been influenced by this classic brand.  Whether it’s clothing (Oprah featuring a Lauren cashmere sweater as a favorite thing)/ a classic Polo shirt, accessories, furniture etc. when I close my eyes this line has me envisioning the rustic, casual and sophisticated look Ralph Lauren represents himself.  Picture him – the perfect pair of jeans, his cowboy boots and a perfectly tailored blazer this is SO all American.
Whether you prefer the fresh look of the Hamptons…
a ranch inspired by Colorado…
or a chic Manhattan apartment this line fits it all!
This line is as unique as you are.  If you want to see what piece fits you, come see us!

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