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Designer Turn Offs: Bedroom Sets of 2016

As bedroom sets are a hot button issue for our interior designers, we wanted to showcase a selection of bedroom sets where an apparent aspect of the design process went horribly wrong.


 Bedroom Sets

Royal Gold Bedroom Set

This ornate bedroom set overplays its opulent style, resulting in a grotesque metallic-looking mess. Does this bed look inviting to you? To me, it looks sharp and uncomfortable.

Bedroom Sets

Bedroom Bliss Bedroom Set

This bedroom set is trying to do way too much by combining an ostentatious appearance with an inflated sense of self-importance. The gold edges each have different shades of reflective surfaces to bewilder potential sleepers. This gold plated design would be better suited for a makeup case. The shabby rug, which is difficult to integrate successfully into any bedroom design, blatantly clashes with the flashy appearance of the bed frame and dressers.

Bedroom Sets

Egyptian Guest Bedroom Set

Unless you are ancient Egyptian king, this is not a bedroom for the modern day individual. I picture this design better fitting in at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. It’s surprising that any element could feel out of place in this absurd design, but the gritty tan wall above the headboard disrupts the overall color scheme.

Bedroom Sets

Modern Tropical Bedroom Set

Going for a whimsical look, this modern tropical style bedroom feels quite contrived, with the headboard and bed appearing to be two separate entities. The leaf-infused headboard creates a discordant atmosphere with the rest of the room. Brightly disturbing to onlookers, it’s no wonder that this person is likely seeking a quick escape from that godawful headboard.


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Cofee Tables

The other surface, coffee tables. These are surfaces that can have huge impact. You can play around with texture, colors, and accessories. For a more personal look, you can have look books with family pictures, frames and sentimental items out. For a more funky look, have magazines with lots of color, or put a pop of color underneath like an area rug. If you like more simple and fresh looks, do something simple like a floral arrangement with some perennials or tulips in a simple vase, add a few books or magazines for some reading material. There are so many ways to style a coffee table, simple to over the top. Just don’t forget about this surface, it has a lot of potential. Your guest will appreciate a few magazines out or a conversation piece like your family album.

Felicia Klein


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::Furniture Pairing::

When you find that one piece of furniture or accessory that you just can’t live without, you wonder how you might pair that piece in your home with existing pieces or maybe you want to find new pieces to go with it. I have shown here how you can pair pieces together for each type of style. You can do this by using similar textures, colors, and shapes to pair new items with old and vise versa. Come on in to our showroom and we can help you pair together your favorite pieces.



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