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Black Friday has always been the biggest shopping day of the year

Black Friday has always been the biggest shopping day of the year, but for small businesses, one of our most important shopping days is the day following Black Friday. Also known as Small Business Saturday, this is the day we encourage you to visit our store. This is the day that we celebrate our community.



Small Business Saturday isn’t only about driving sales for local businesses; it’s about the importance of our local businesses. Did you know that supporting your local, family-owned businesses actually stimulates the economy? This means that the money that you spend at local stores stays in the community, and also drives an increase in jobs for your neighbors and friends.

While you might think that a small purchase won’t have a big impact on the store that you’re doing business with, it actually does. Each purchase means that there is a better chance of the store staying in business, and it also increases the likelihood of growth for that store.


Here at Eheart Interior Solutions, we support our community every day. As a locally owned store, our business thrives on the relationships that we form and keep with our friends and neighbors. We value our success on the growth of our community, and make it a mission to make our community and our store a place where friends send friends.

How do you support your local businesses?





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A Product You Won’t Wear Out

Feast your eyes.

Anytime fashion and interior design join forces, creativity takes on a whole new look. (Sometimes the rules even get broken, which is very exciting). I recently discovered TING, a London and Los Angeles based design company that transforms hand-picked vintage leather belts into fabulous floor coverings. Manufacturing floor tiles and area rugs, TING also produces bags, seat cushions and wall panels, and I imagine their practical and sustainable visions for reusing leather won’t stop at that. At some point, someone probably said that belts could not be floors; I’m glad it’s been proven true and beautiful that they certainly can be. I’d venture to guess a floor composed of such loveliness would cost you about a billion dollars, but let’s not talk about price… let’s just start collecting belts.

January has been all about taking a look at “something new.” It’s exciting to peer into the creative minds of companys–such as TING–who value pushing the boundaries in product design (and know how to put vintage leather to good use).

“Eco Friendly Elegance”

“Eco Friendly Elegance” This month we are featuring new and exciting products that will make your home unique. This week I want to show you Aspen wood flooring. This is an engineered product “made with whole, debarked, small-diameter, rapidly renewing aspen trees”. If you are motivated not only by style but also awareness for the world we live in this is a product you will find exciting. There are various color combinations and styles. For instance:

Smooth Plank – A flat smooth finish

Wire Brushed – Adds texture to the surface of the wood

Double Strained – Gives the wood a deeper contrasting style


Learn more about our hardwood here.

Cork Mosaics

Choosing the right tile to fit your style and installation needs can be difficult. Outside of visual cues most tile does not vary in performance and benefit. However, when looking, cork is another option that adds not only a fun look but many advantages over traditional materials of porcelain or ceramic. Yes, cork; a natural, green product that can be used in many applications!

Actual cork slices are taken and  set on a mesh mosaic, grouted, and sealed to provide a water tight surface. The installation is very similar to that of tile. However, instead of a cold surface you have an insulator that will keep your floor at 70 degrees year round. The benefits of using a natural product such as cork are endless. It is a renewable resource making it green, it has naturally anti-allergenic, the cork is softer than tile to give a little cushion without flexing, and it provides sound deadening. If the natural finish is not your taste you can stain it to suit your needs.



Design Primers: Engineered Hardwood

Our resident hardwood expert extraordinaire, Lee, offers these words of wisdom regarding selecting engineered hardwood.

Did you know that there is a big difference between engineered hardwood floors? First off there is rotary peeled engineered flooring. This type of flooring is peeled off of the log with a long blade, resulting in a very thin ply. These ply’s are then glued together and milled into flooring. Because of this process the top ply is susceptible to face checking. What is face checking? Face checking is cracks in the top ply from a lack of moisture or humidity, since Colorado is a very arid state it’s very easy for this to happen, if the humidity in the home is not kept very high. So unless you can keep your humidity level between 35 to 50% I would shy away from a rotary peeled products. The second type of engineered flooring is a sawn face product. This product is milled or sawn instead of peeled. Sawn face products have a thicker top ply which will hold up better in our climate. This type of flooring is manufactured the same way as the peeled product except for the top ply. These products are very versatile, they can be installed below, on or above grade. They are also normally thinner than solid wood products, so if you have you have a height issue these products will be the ones you’re looking for. Be sure to ask your flooring expert these questions before deciding on your wood floor. It could be the difference between a floor that will last for years and years or one that will leave you very disappointed.