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What’s On Our Coffee Table

You’ll be hard pressed to find an interior designer or architect who doesn’t have a favorite book (or a whole bookshelf of favorites). They are the books we go to for inspiration, encouragement; to feel challenged and to find solace. They remind us that details matter, that creativity breeds creativity, that beauty is something worth talking about.

Below are a few favorite reads–the books you’ll find open on our coffee tables with dog-eared pages and fingerprints.

"The Perfectly Imperfect Home" - Deborah Needleman

– A whimsical and quirky take on the basics of interiors, embracing all the imperfections. Simultaneously a reference guide and a pretty picture book, Needleman offers practical design tips and delightful watercolor illustrations.

"The Architecture of Happiness" - Alain de Botton

– The kind of read that changes a person. Alain de Botton achieves poetry, philosophy and a concise history of architecture in one book, accessible to professionals and non-designers alike.

"An Eye for Design" - Allegra Hicks

 – A true coffee table book, captivating cover and all.  Hicks cleverly compiles a range of inspirational imagery—fully designed interiors, interesting patterns and textures and the great outdoors. There’s something perfectly exciting about her format, not knowing what the next page will bring.

"Liaigre" - Christian Liaigre

– Christian Liaigre is a true interior designer—one whose autonomy over each finite detail is evident in his work, from conceptualization to execution. This substantial portfolio covers six of his luxurious designs, including a Spanish residence and a Swiss farmstead.

Classy Comebacks: Wallpaper

I have vivid childhood memories of wallpaper. You know the kind: blue and pink stripes, scattered duck motifs, floating bows and ribbons–1990’s chic.

It was hip in its time, and terribly dated in the years to follow; but that’s what I love about wall coverings! Prints are, by nature, time capsules–evidence of once sought after trends from every generation. I love that wallpaper has slowly been making a comeback, both seriously and ironically–either to embrace current trends or to reinstate an era passed.

Behold, some daring and whimsical prints:

{Soft chrysanthemums // Graham & Brown}

{Retro leaves // Ferm Living}

{Watercolor-esque verticals // Eskayel}

Kitchen design by O Interior Design

See? Wallpaper is charming all over again. Enjoy the comeback; we’re so glad to reintroduce you.




Spring cleaning (or spring hiding, if you prefer)

March is here, and the long-standing tradition of “spring cleaning” will soon be upon us. A place for everything, and everything in its place, they say. But what about the little items that always seem to be without a proper home?

I’m currently working on a furniture project for a client who is begging for functional storage by her doors. Everyone can relate to an entryway cluttered with shoes, bicycle helmets, keys, pet leashes, books, packages to mail…. (should we go on?)

An entry console table is a nice option for the particularly tidy folk, but sometimes the space–and our lifestyles–call for a nice, big, accomdating chest. After purusing some of my favorite furniture makers, I thought I’d share my fabulous findings with you.

Whether you’re spring cleaning or spring hiding, consider an entry piece to help house those wandering odds and ends.

A Product You Won’t Wear Out

Feast your eyes.

Anytime fashion and interior design join forces, creativity takes on a whole new look. (Sometimes the rules even get broken, which is very exciting). I recently discovered TING, a London and Los Angeles based design company that transforms hand-picked vintage leather belts into fabulous floor coverings. Manufacturing floor tiles and area rugs, TING also produces bags, seat cushions and wall panels, and I imagine their practical and sustainable visions for reusing leather won’t stop at that. At some point, someone probably said that belts could not be floors; I’m glad it’s been proven true and beautiful that they certainly can be. I’d venture to guess a floor composed of such loveliness would cost you about a billion dollars, but let’s not talk about price… let’s just start collecting belts.

January has been all about taking a look at “something new.” It’s exciting to peer into the creative minds of companys–such as TING–who value pushing the boundaries in product design (and know how to put vintage leather to good use).

Something New to Sit On

"Curve Your Enthusiasm" - Caracole


When I saw this new sofa from Caracole, I simply could not curve my enthusiasm. Contrasting nailheads and the soft pale ale wood finish nod to an industrial style; warm upholstery and a delicate frame reflect the Victorian era. The way in which the curvelinear form teams up with boxy seat cushions and pillows allows me to visualize the piece in both traditional and contemporary settings. Set on a plush area rug under a chandelier dripping with crystals? Absolutely. Resting on a polished concrete floor with a salvaged wood coffee table? Certainly.

“Curve Your Enthusiasm” by Caracole is 78.25″ wide, 41.75″ deep and 45.5″ high. Clear a space! We found something new for you to sit on.