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Romance…The classic Hollywood era was glamorous and romantic.  We’ve found a way to make your master suite grown up and also playful.
Our Hollywood Vingette features the Nocturne Custom bed.  Available as a complete bed or headboard only, with five sizes, four styles and three headboard heights to choose from. There are four panel treatments and four border detail arrangements. With numerous fabrics and leathers to choose from it’s easy to create the look you’re dreaming of. You can even use your own upholstery! Details make the difference, that’s why you can also select your nail trim and exposed wood finishes!

This setting features the Fascination Chandelier/Pendant.  The classic appeal of crystal is updated for today’s sophisticated tastes, with free falling crystals and a silver trimmed, silken drum shade.
The rug has a metallic sheen – without being loud.  It’s very soft and is in a complimentary color as the flooring below.  It reflects 😉 vintage and new.


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A Space You’ll Love Forever…Seating for Two

Whether it be in your master bedroom, off your living room, or just a warm cozy spot next to a window with the sun shining through; a seating area for two is the perfect spot to take a deep breath and enjoy the simple moments. A place where you can drink your morning cup of coffee while sharing different sections of the newspaper. A place to relax and read a good book while sipping on afternoon tea. Play a game of scrabble on a snowy day on Sunday afternoon, or just relax and catch up on the day together (glass of wine in hand).

This 30″ Round South Hall Table from Currey and Company is the perfect size for two. Linen covered MacKenzie Side Chairs from Hooker keep the seating area elegant, yet casual for those morning cups of coffee.

Starting at the top left going clockwise – the finishing touches. Mixing styles with Global Views, Tubular Candlestick/Vases (I love this as a vase with the Cali Lilly sitting on the table top) and a touch of romance with the crystal, metal combination Pinto Pendant from Currey & Company. Keeping everything toned down with casual Massoud Fabric, Quartilla Spumoni for long wistful drapes all sitting on the perfect light blue Strata, Chandra Area Rug.

Simple, Elegant, yet perfectly Casual for all those simple moments in life just for the two of you to share! What do you want in your seating area for you and your sweetie? I would love to hear!

Resolve To Cover Your Windows…..

What have you been waiting for?  It’s time to give yourself the true completed look you have been waiting for in completing the interior of your home by adding the finishing touches.  Soft Window Treatments lend a finished look as well as complete the theme to any room. 
There are literally hundreds of different treatments you can use.  Window treatments can be created to enhance any design style, from contemporary to traditional. 
Here are a few ideas for you to think about.  As you look at each of these decide what you like, what you don’t and visualize what the room in the picture would look like without the treatments.  Does the treatment add something to the room or window?

There are several aspects to consider when designing an appropriate window treatment such as;
What is your budget? 
What style are you going to convey?
Is your room casual or dressy?
Do you like the rods to show or to be hidden?
Do you want the treatment to disappear into the background or do you want to make a bold statement?
These are all questions your professional interior designer can help you with and well worth the time and money spent do it correctly the first time.  

Master Bedroom and Bath Lighting

Think about the last really great candlelight dinner you hosted.  Don’t you remember thinking that everyone you’d invited looked absolutely fabulous?!  Why was that?
The most most flattering light for people to look their best is soft, glows a slight pink, and lights them from beneath their chins. 

Let’s face it.  Master bedrooms and baths see a lot of skin.  If that’s the case, you want to make sure the light is as flattering as candlelight.  How do you mimic this in these private spaces?

Switching out your yellow incandescant bulbs for pink can make all the difference in the world.  These are just as easily found as their traditional yellow counterparts, just slightly more expensive, and the difference is well worth the extra attention to detail. 
Have your electrician switch your existing devices to be on dimmers so you can adjust the lighting easily.
Select low wattage bulbs and maximize the number of accent lights you have rather than utilizing overhead lighting.  I’ve never been one to create hard and fast rules for design, but a nice guideline is that every room should have at least three lamps.  Keep your bulbs between 40-60 watts and you’ll be pleased at the soft glow your rooms take on.
If you do have overhead fixtures, select things that are really fabulous.  Don’t settle for the ordinary or the overdone gaudy chandelier.  I’m doing a master bath right now that has spectacular vaulted ceilings.  It’s a rustic spa feel, so I’m putting this great light on a dimmer in addition to all of the very functional recessed lights over the shower and vanity. 
Who wouldn’t want to take a bubble bath with this on?!

I love using reflective surfaces in the bedroom to move light through the space.  Using glass lamps, antiqued mirrors or bedside furniture accomplishes this in a stunning way that only gets better with soft lighting.

Finally, color can make all the difference in the way light is perceived in your space.  I used to design healthcare spaces, and I always avoided yellows and golds because they changed the palor of skin to look sallow and sickly–not exactly the look you’re going for in your master bedroom!  Instead, select a neutral for your bedroom ceiling that errs slightly pink or peach.  This will make skin appear dewey and blush.

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