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12 Days of Christmas: 7

I don’t know how many of you actually roast chestnuts on an open fire, but what’s a cozy holiday night without some fireside ambiance?

Consider all the sleek options available to you if your gas line is inaccessible or installation is cost-prohibitive. Wall mounted electric fireplaces offer you the flexibility to add warmth and a sleek design feature to any space. Any electrical work required will be minimal, depending on the proximity of your existing devices. And don’t worry about overheating; the temperature of the electric flame is completely adjustable. Even the brightness of the flames can be controlled.












There is something inarguably wonderful (albeit messy) about an old wood burning fireplace. But if you’re hunting for a beautiful, easy-to-mount anywhere fireplace that is yours to customize and control, why not choose electric this holiday season?

Happy holidays, and stay warm!

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12 Days of Christmas: 6

Make your home smell as good as mine does by putting a couple of my favorite ideas to good use:

-After roasting marshmallows by my fireplace, I toss a spring of fresh rosemary into the flame.  The aromatic scent of winter quickly fills the air.

-If I’m expecting a crowd, I bring water, cinnamon sticks, and orange rind to a low boil for an hour before they come over.

-A real tree is always an irresistable scent this time of year, but, if you’re like me and your job/life/commute prevents it, add a few drops of pine essential oil in a small dish near your Christmas tree.  You’ll fool your guests everytime.

-If all else fails, light a few scented candles and enjoy their soft glow and seasonal scent.


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12 Days of Christmas: 5

Warm and Cozy Area Rugs – One more element to get you in the Christmas Spirit! Put one on top of those great Palo Duro Hardwood floors from Day 3! Really putting the final touch on your space and making it perfect to cozy up by the fire to enjoy a cup of hot cider.

Snuggle Up and be Warm & Cozy this Christmas Season!

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12 Days of Christmas: 4


1) Barware

2)    Drop Ice Bucket Cooler

3) Add a Warm Glow…

Lanterns have so many uses! These are gray,  larger in scale
& let’s face it, GROOVY.

How about setting these outside your front door for a welcoming glow?


How about setting them on your table for a soft candle light color?


Hang from the Ceiling


On Your Raised Hearth

Lot’s of Places to Use These

…Throw Rugs
….. Spice up entry ways …
….How about for bath mats? Throw tradition to the wolves!


Fun Items No One Else Will Have.

(6)  Wall Decor … Magnolias

Or Use as A Serving Bowl

Sharp Art

(8) Beachhead Mirror

Round Modern Mirror and/or Snowball Goblets


Who Doesn’t Love and Orchid? (10)

(11)    Something Really Special, a Really Unique Chair that Goes Everywhere.

…In Your

Conversation Spot
In Your Master Bedroom
By Your Front Door
In Your Reading Corner

(12)  Bedding, We’ve Got it in a Queen




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12 Days of Christmas: 3

Thinking you would like to spruce up your home before family comes for the Holidays? Maybe, your looking to bring a little more warmth to your home – think hardwood. Milled in Cortez Colorado, hand-scrapped, distressed and stained in Denver, Colorado, it doesn’t get much closer to home. And well, when people think of home and winters in Colorado, they think of that perfect warm lodge with the aroma of a wood burning fireplace, while the snow falls, blankets, movies and hot chocolate (hot butter rum for the adults)!

To finish off that perfect cozy space; take a look at the Palo Duro Collection Hardwood Floors. With spieces ranging from Hickory, Oak, Walnut and Pine, any stain you can imagine and the chance to customize the level of distressing, it is easy to make it yours.

alamo white oak
capistrano heart pine
plaza hickory

This is one of my favorites! While soft creams are the dominate color on the walls and upholstery, these hickory floors instantly bring the warm cozy feel that we are looking for.

mesa verde walnut

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