Marks of Quality

When scouting for furniture, it’s important to have an eye for quality. What features are marks of quality and craftsmanship in the pieces Eheart carries? What sets us apart from a local furniture warehouse?

Our upholstery features:

· Durable, kiln dried hardwood frames, not plywood or particle board

· Mortise and tenon joinery, not butt joints and staples

· Sinuous wire springs

· Premium filled cushions, with your choice of poly, down blend, or down fill.

· Flow matched upholstery, so your pattern matches across the entire body of the piece

· Fully upholstered arms and cushions mean superior seam quality and the ability to flip your cushions

· An endless selection of fabrics, leathers, and trimmings so you can personalize your sofa, chair, or ottoman to be just the way you like it!

Our casegoods feature:

· Dovetail construction on drawers

· Drawer stops to keep drawers from going too far in or out

· Full extension wood on wood or metal drawer glides

· Multi-step finishing for a beautiful, layered finish

And, many pieces feature great little extras, like:

· Cedar lined drawers keep your knits in great shape

· Wire management, charging stations, and power ports make it easy to charge your phone or iPod

· Touch lighting means just a tap of your bedside table and your lamp will come on

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What wE Love Now: Floating Furniture

Does your room look like a bomb went off and splattered all of your furniture against the wall? If it does you need help. By pushing everything as far apart as you can, you eliminate walkways, create distance between pieces, and remove the coziness of a well-planned room. So what do you do? Push it all together. First, determine the focal point of the room. Possibly a TV, a window, or fireplace would suffice. Group your furniture around this and add seating as needed. Your couch, bed, or armchairs do not have to be pressed against the wall. In fact by moving them away it brings the conversations closer and the seating more intimate. Walkways are created around the area making the room feel cozy and comfortable while controlling traffic around your furniture.

Finally, choose a rug size to complete the area. In a living room, choose a rug that will allow furniture to either fall slightly under the pieces or completely envelop the furniture. In a bedroom, have the rug come out from underneath the bed and really showcase your bed. A four-post bed is emphasized when pulled away from the wall with a featured rug floating in the space.

If you have not yet chosen your furniture consider this. Choose pieces that are finished all the way around, such as this Lexington piece from the Ocean Club collection.

You can add your own style in the accessories you place on it. This sofa table can be placed in an open area creating separation between two rooms.

If you are a modernist at heart, check out these floating stairs. They create space and openness while being just flat-out amazing.

Rethink Your Furniture Arrangement, Part 1

Today is the day to bring your sofa off of the wall and try it out a different way. This week, we’re showing you ways to Rethink your furniture arrangement. You don’t have to settle for a sofa with an end table on either side and matching lamps! It’s time to think about your options (you have them, we promise!!).

Today, let’s chat about a little design term called Radial Symmetry. What this means is simply that your room is symmetrical from a central axis point. Take a look at this furniture layout, for example:

Four cozy chairs surround a round tufted ottoman. The lake view is still clear, because tall furniture pieces have been avoided and the pieces have been scaled in their width. The traffic pattern of this odd space is not interrupted because the seating is kept clustered around a circular ottoman (a coffee table would work as well).

Uncomfortable with round? No big deal. The same concept would work with pieces that feel a bit more rectilinear. Perhaps a longer rectangular ottoman would work between 4 of these chairs:

With a layout that displays Radial Symmetry, one key is utilizing pieces that are beautiful, even from behind. Choosing unique chairs that have just as much to offer from back as they do from the front will create a wow factor that invites people into your fun out of the box furniture arrangement.

Try it out and let us know how you do. Stay for more ideas all this week!

Focused on Furniture!

Did you know Eheart sells furniture? We do—and lots of it! We carry furniture and accessories from more than 25 vendors! Browse our showroom floor or selection of vendor catalogs and you are sure to find a unique piece or two that you can’t live without. In Northern Colorado, so much of what is available for furniture is more and more of the same hum-drum Colorado feel. If you’re looking for something different, something modern, something feminine, something rugged, something bold, something fresh, something innovative, something “wow,” you’ve got to check it out! We’re making it easy this month by focusing on furniture all month long!
Let us teach you…
· How to lay out furniture in a variety of ways
· How to “float” furniture in your space
· How to eye quality
· How to get break free from furniture sets and be creative with your furnishings
Let us show you…
· Our favorite unique pieces
· Our room by room favorites for every space in your home!

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What wE Love Now: Out Door Gardens

Sing Spring

Spruce up your outdoor space. Where do you start, perhaps with gardening pots. Selecting this accessory will help you decide what vibe you want for your relaxing in home getaway.

A rugged forged flair:

Ancient Garden Relic:



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