Break the Rules of Tiling with These 3 Bathroom Tile Designs

We are excited to share our latest obsessions in bathroom tile designs. Be bold! Make your bathroom exciting with one of these 3 bathroom themes. Whether you are into vibrant colors, textile patterns, or whimsical styles to enliven your bathroom, we have design ideas to inspire you.

Tiles Inspired by Textile Patterns

Bathroom Tile Designs


































































These bathroom designs are oriented around graphic textile patterns from around the world. The tiling patterns shown above are inspired by geometric shapes and designs seen in ancient cultures, like the Aztecs. We find that these striking handmade tiles look great in limited or open-footprint bathrooms as the bold patterns make the room feel larger by expanding the boundaries of the visual space. In a small powder bathroom, these bold patterns will wow your short-term visitors.

Place Tiles in Unique Locations

Bathroom Tile Designs


 Bathroom Tile Designs

We love to play with this popular tile trend by challenging the conventions of where tile can be installed throughout a home. The bathrooms pictured are lively, attention-grabbing, and energizing, which will make any bathroom visitor feel welcome into your home. The designers of these tiles chose to tile all the way up the walls in places that are never exposed to water. Paired with the bright color combinations, this gratuitous tile placement creates much more interesting spaces, moves light around in the area, and adds a unique texture.

Elaborate on Ordinary Tiles

Bathroom Tile Designs



Our last set of bathroom tile designs features ordinary tiles laid out in clever ways. This technique works well in bathrooms that have open space and use minimal furniture to accentuate these exciting designs. Ordinary made interesting bathroom tiling is the perfect way to infuse spirit into your bathroom without relying on expensive custom tiles. These tiling styles are usually envisioned by designers with a creative eye so don’t hesitate to ask for guidance or do some of your own research on designs.


For more bathroom tile designs, check out our Pinterest board!

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Designer Turn Offs: Bedroom Sets of 2016

As bedroom sets are a hot button issue for our interior designers, we wanted to showcase a selection of bedroom sets where an apparent aspect of the design process went horribly wrong.


 Bedroom Sets

Royal Gold Bedroom Set

This ornate bedroom set overplays its opulent style, resulting in a grotesque metallic-looking mess. Does this bed look inviting to you? To me, it looks sharp and uncomfortable.

Bedroom Sets

Bedroom Bliss Bedroom Set

This bedroom set is trying to do way too much by combining an ostentatious appearance with an inflated sense of self-importance. The gold edges each have different shades of reflective surfaces to bewilder potential sleepers. This gold plated design would be better suited for a makeup case. The shabby rug, which is difficult to integrate successfully into any bedroom design, blatantly clashes with the flashy appearance of the bed frame and dressers.

Bedroom Sets

Egyptian Guest Bedroom Set

Unless you are ancient Egyptian king, this is not a bedroom for the modern day individual. I picture this design better fitting in at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. It’s surprising that any element could feel out of place in this absurd design, but the gritty tan wall above the headboard disrupts the overall color scheme.

Bedroom Sets

Modern Tropical Bedroom Set

Going for a whimsical look, this modern tropical style bedroom feels quite contrived, with the headboard and bed appearing to be two separate entities. The leaf-infused headboard creates a discordant atmosphere with the rest of the room. Brightly disturbing to onlookers, it’s no wonder that this person is likely seeking a quick escape from that godawful headboard.


Check out our Pinterest Board for more bedroom sets and to see sources for each bedroom design.

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Hardwood Floor Tips

Hardwood floors offer natural beauty, elegance, long-term value, and ease of cleaning. Here’s a list of hardwood floor tips to help you select the appropriate design for any room in your home.


  • Make your floor the center of attention: This technique adds depth and dimension to any room with an overall light aesthetic. Use a dark hardwood with subtle variations in graining to contrast bright lighting or light colored walls.

Hardwood Floor Tips

  • Make the room seem more spacious: Use natural colored hardwood in a room with darker walls. Bright hardwoods with less grain are perfect for these interiors and make the room seem more open and inviting.

Hardwood Floor Tips

  • Make a smaller room seem larger: By laying the boards across the width of the room, as seen in the example, you can make a narrow room look wider. This little trick can help you make the most of limited space and welcome visitors into cozy areas.

Hardwood Floor Tips

  • Achieve a hand-crafted appearance: Wire brushed or hand-crafted wood gives a distinctive appearance thanks to character markings and differences in shading.

Hardwood Floor Tips

  • Make a bold statement: Take over the room with orange and red hardwood floor tones by using a vibrant copper or russet toned hardwood. This directs visitors’ attention to the exquisite wood floors while generous lighting and bright walls offset some of the commanding presence of this elegant floor.

Hardwood Floor Tips

  • Use the same species and tone of wood throughout your home: This will make each room appear and feel bigger and provide a cohesive look. You can adjust the width of the planks for individual rooms to achieve different aesthetics.

Hardwood Floor Tips

Equipped with these hardwood floor tips, you’ll be prepared to take charge and get creative with your next floor remodel.



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Summer Weather and Summer Cleaning

Summer weather is upon us, and with that brings grass-stained clothing, children covered in dirt, and lots of sweat and germs that are bound to contaminate your home. In order to keep the mess of summer outside and the summer joys inside your home, we’ve compiled several of our top summer cleaning tips for maintaining a clean and organized home this sunny season. Read on!summer cleaning outside

Floor Summer Cleaning

First and foremost is the importance of your floors. We all know the value of beautiful and quality floors, so summer cleaning and protection of your floors is extremely important for both your wallet, the value of your home, and for the safety of your friends and family.

If your kids play summer sports or attend camp, chances are there is sand in their shoes, clothing, or hair, so make sure to keep a doormat at your entrances to limit the amount of dirt that comes indoors. Along with that, make sure to vacuum your floors weekly in order to rid your floors of dust and allergens.

Floors can ripple, discolor, and crack from the amount of sunlight and humidity that they encounter, so be proactive and keep your blinds and curtains closed.

summer cleaning tips

Bathroom Summer Cleaning

The bathroom will be a room that will see plenty of activity this summer season thanks to sporting games and outdoor play, so make sure that counters, toilets, showers and doorknobs are regularly cleaned. If your home is prone to humidity, make it a point to keep shower curtains and windows open, and fans on, as this will aid in the prevention of mold, mildew, and moisture build-up.


Laundry Room Summer Cleaning

If summer is the season of active children, that means that your laundry room will be the room where they will unload their sweaty shirts, grass-stained shorts, and dirty socks. Keep multiple hampers for active wear and casual clothing, and make sure your summer cleaning includes the floors, hampers, and surfaces regularly.


If you have additional tips for keeping your home clean and healthy this summer, share them in the comment section below!

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Brazilian Decorating Tips

Summer is in full heat now and there’s still so much left to look forward to. One of the most exciting upcoming events to take place within the next month is the 2016 Summer Olympics transpiring in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. The best athletes from all over the world come to represent their countries and compete in the biggest collaborative competition ever created. However this tournament isn’t just about competition, it has an overlying message of peace and collaboration among all of the world’s countries and it is a beautiful celebration of the human spirit. At Eheart, we can’t wait to be part of the celebration and would like to share our vibrant Brazilian decorating tips with you early.

Brazilian decorating

Brazilian Decorating

There’s no denying that the Olympics influence a wide variety of things across the globe when they are in session. One major cultural aspect being affected by the Olympics is design trends for the summer of 2016. This summer is the summer of Brazil and all the bright and audacious colors that come with the rich heritage of the country. Designers are taking hints from Brazilian culture and incorporating them into their designs and we suggest you do the same. Brazilian decorating themes such as bold patterns, mixed themes, and exotic bright colors are great ways to get into the spirit and liven up your living area.

Brazilian decorating living room

Hosting Olympic Gatherings

Synonymous with big sporting events are the gatherings and parties that arise dedicated to watching them, and if the idea of hosting such an event appeals to you then we have a few tips to help you along the way. Dive into the culture, spice up your living room with Brazilian decorating and wow guests with Brazilian inspired dishes such as pastels, acai smoothies, or Pão de queijo. It’s also a good idea to have some alternative activities available for those that aren’t interested in watching the events. Keep the atmosphere as relaxed as possible and enjoy the company of those around you.

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The Olympics and Cooperatives

“The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part”-Olympic Creed. Not only is participation the most important thing in the Olympics but the same goes for our business. Eheart Interior Solutions is a locally owned business which is part of a larger cooperative that relies on all the support and participation of its members. We work together to offer competitive prices to our customers while maintaining our local identity and participating in our respective communities.

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We hope that you and your family enjoy the rest of summer and watching the Olympic Games just as much as we do!