Design Primers: Stretching Your Design Dollar

Time after time, we hear our clients say, in an embarrassed tone,

“Now, I should tell you…I’ve got a limited budget.”

“I think I’ll have to phase this out.”

“My house isn’t very big, but I still can’t do it all at once.”
Don’t be embarrassed! Most people can’t do it all at once. When you have a limited budget, you have to figure out how to make lots of impact with the money you have available to spend.

If you’ve been pinching your pennies in hopes of a remodel or a little home facelift, try these design “dos” out:

Do Know the Rules (Just to Break Them): People often ask if there are certain rules for design. While some exist, I love to break them. No dark colors in small spaces? Please. Dark colors recede, let’s put something rich and dark on every surface. Find out all you can , then take your chances and do the opposite.

Do It Right (The First Time): Spending a little bit more on the front end for great quality carpet cushion, choosing cabinets with a conversion varnish rather than a urethane finish, tile underlayment, and quality installation can allow you to stick with your choices for years and years to come.

Do What Makes You Nervous: If you’re thinking of going outside the box with your kitchen splash choice, or wanting a really loud or exotic granite, or thinking you might just go for the canary colored cabinetry rather than playing it safe, go for it! The things that make you the most nervous, and the places that your designer wants to push the envelope are usually the most fabulous.

Do What You Love (and it will be timeless): The majority of our clients ask for a timeless space for their design. While few of them end up with the timeless favorites, like an all white kitchen or subway tile, they end up with something the love so much and that so reflects their taste, that it will stand the test of time. It won’t look like their neighbors kitchen or bath but be personal and reflective of what they love.

Design Primers: 101s for Everyone

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If, like many of our clients, you long to know the ins and outs of design but feel like it is an absolute puzzle you’ll never understand, I hope you’ll read along with us this month.

There’s much to learn this month at Weheart, Eheart Interior Solutions blog:

  • How to Get the Most Look for Your Buck
  • Hardwood Primers
  • How to Float Furniture

    Countertop Primer
  • Kitchen and Dining Lighting

    The Style Continuem (and how to know what you like)

    Layering Textures

So, join us this month as make going back to school a bit more, well, creative!

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Traditional Chairs

Having looked at both modern and transitional chairs this week, do you find yourself pining for something a bit more traditional? If so, take a look at a couple of these options:

This beautiful occasional chair from Lexington’s new collection features stunning wood detailing in the back. Pick any fabric you like for the seat!

This cute-as-can-be simple chair is stunning (and don’t you love that button tufted front!!!).

This petite upholstered chair by Lexington features traditional mainstays: turned legs and tufting. Wouldn’t it be adorable in a velvet?

Lorts Furniture has won my heart again with this beautiful skirted chair. The wood provides a perfect accent, creating a sweet heart “neckline” at the top. They even make a version large enough for you and your sweetheart to share!

Traditional taste doesn’t have to mean stuffy and uncomfortable! Enjoy one of these fresh pieces!

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Upholstered Chairs and Sofas: Transitional

Transitional seems to be an everyday word used in the design industry lately. Wanting an updated look for a traditional home, or to give a contemporary style a timeless touch, transitional seems to be on everyone’s mind. Line, texture and pattern play a large part in mixing styles.

This Tuxedo Sofa from Massoud Furniture has the perfect crisp lines that fit your contemporary style. Add classic rich chenill wide stripes and animal print throw pillows and you can easily put this in any traditional home for a quick modern update.

Again, from Massoud Furniture, I took a classic sofa with dark wood turned legs and soft curved arms that make a large impact. A crisp, clean seafoam green fabric and modern large print pillows pull together a great transitional piece.

This chair has a large crisp print, yet in a classic pattern, it once again is a great transitional piece. Use dark wood for a deep contrast or a light wood for a softer touch.

My favorite, the Timeless Wing Back Chair, mixed with a soft medium grey upholstry, a striped throw pillow and black wood legs, you can put this, well, just about anywhere!

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Modern Chairs

From mild to wild, chairs have been evolving since the first person found it to be “proper” to sit at a table than eat with your legs crossed on the floor. From there on the chair has been evolving from what was likely a wooden stump to crazy hanging bubble chairs that floated through the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Thankfully, we have moved on. Depending on your interpretation of modern versus contemporary the modern trend has shifted from the wild of hanging chairs to sleek and functional. Minimalist designs represent an attitude of “less is more.” Moreover, being modern or contemporary does not mean you have to live in Gordon Gecko’s apartment for your chair to work. In fact, modern style offers an extremely broad range of chairs that will fit in a variety of application.

First, find what your style fits your eye. If you enjoy Country Living, maybe modern is not you. Do you like the look of fabric and clean lines? Try something more upholstered and blockish. For instance this Ralph Lauren chair is clean in its design. While not being over the top it does clean up the look of a living room and add an edge of style.

Possibly consider adding in metal or other elements to the equation to make a bolder statement. This Hugo Cigar chair is a staple which has shown to stand the test of time, yet is extremely comfortable and affordable for the amount of style you add.

Secondly, determine how long you would like to keep your modern furnishings. The more outlandish and stylish options you choose, the more chance you take on having a hanging bubble chair still in your house in twenty years.

Lastly, take your chair for a spin. Some chairs look different and uncomfortable but remember: modern style typically stems from function. The function here is sitting so it might be better than you think…

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