Classy Comebacks: Wallpaper

I have vivid childhood memories of wallpaper. You know the kind: blue and pink stripes, scattered duck motifs, floating bows and ribbons–1990’s chic.

It was hip in its time, and terribly dated in the years to follow; but that’s what I love about wall coverings! Prints are, by nature, time capsules–evidence of once sought after trends from every generation. I love that wallpaper has slowly been making a comeback, both seriously and ironically–either to embrace current trends or to reinstate an era passed.

Behold, some daring and whimsical prints:

{Soft chrysanthemums // Graham & Brown}

{Retro leaves // Ferm Living}

{Watercolor-esque verticals // Eskayel}

Kitchen design by O Interior Design

See? Wallpaper is charming all over again. Enjoy the comeback; we’re so glad to reintroduce you.




Lights on or off? Part 2

I can’t seem to get this CFL bulb thing to work.  I feel like my house is tinted green.  What gives?

Grab your engineer husband or your hyper analytical spouse, this is an informative read…

Incandescent bulbs will become increasingly difficult to find in the coming years, and there are certain rooms that simply can’t be beat by such an ambient light (dining rooms, bathrooms, and master bedrooms, to name a few).  But, alas, the world is changing and it’s time for a more efficient solution.  In fact, this simple government move will save consumers over $40 billion dollars in the next twenty years.

There are two factors that are important to consider when picking a bulb off the shelf.  Look for a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 70 plus.  This will keep the room from going green and your skin from looking like you’ve been sick.  The other important factor is Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), which measures how warm the light is.  For most scenarios, you’ll likely be after “warm” lighting (tends more to the yellow end of the spectrum).  If that’s the case, look for a CCT of 2600-3000.  If you’re looking for cooler light, select something higher than 4,000.

So, next time you’re out and about, consider yourself equipped!

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Lights on or off?

It seems our clients are more stumped by the ins and outs of lighting than any other home how-to.  So, let’s tackle your most frequently asked questions:

What alternatives exist to the standard 2 or 3 light vanity fixture?

Don’t get stuck with a standard-issue 2 or 3 light vanity fixture.  I love sconces for their softness and beautiful symmetry that they contribute to a bathroom.  Hang them just a little below eye level, about 60-65 inches from the floor  and about 3 feet apart to prevent shadowing and maximize your make-up lighting.  This isn’t a great solution if you and your spouse are vastly different in height.  In your powder bath, try a cluster of pendants hung asymetrically instead!

Stay tuned for more this week and next!

What lighting questions do you have?


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Spring cleaning (or spring hiding, if you prefer)

March is here, and the long-standing tradition of “spring cleaning” will soon be upon us. A place for everything, and everything in its place, they say. But what about the little items that always seem to be without a proper home?

I’m currently working on a furniture project for a client who is begging for functional storage by her doors. Everyone can relate to an entryway cluttered with shoes, bicycle helmets, keys, pet leashes, books, packages to mail…. (should we go on?)

An entry console table is a nice option for the particularly tidy folk, but sometimes the space–and our lifestyles–call for a nice, big, accomdating chest. After purusing some of my favorite furniture makers, I thought I’d share my fabulous findings with you.

Whether you’re spring cleaning or spring hiding, consider an entry piece to help house those wandering odds and ends.