Lights on or off?

It seems our clients are more stumped by the ins and outs of lighting than any other home how-to.  So, let’s tackle your most frequently asked questions:

What alternatives exist to the standard 2 or 3 light vanity fixture?

Don’t get stuck with a standard-issue 2 or 3 light vanity fixture.  I love sconces for their softness and beautiful symmetry that they contribute to a bathroom.  Hang them just a little below eye level, about 60-65 inches from the floor  and about 3 feet apart to prevent shadowing and maximize your make-up lighting.  This isn’t a great solution if you and your spouse are vastly different in height.  In your powder bath, try a cluster of pendants hung asymetrically instead!

Stay tuned for more this week and next!

What lighting questions do you have?


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Spring cleaning (or spring hiding, if you prefer)

March is here, and the long-standing tradition of “spring cleaning” will soon be upon us. A place for everything, and everything in its place, they say. But what about the little items that always seem to be without a proper home?

I’m currently working on a furniture project for a client who is begging for functional storage by her doors. Everyone can relate to an entryway cluttered with shoes, bicycle helmets, keys, pet leashes, books, packages to mail…. (should we go on?)

An entry console table is a nice option for the particularly tidy folk, but sometimes the space–and our lifestyles–call for a nice, big, accomdating chest. After purusing some of my favorite furniture makers, I thought I’d share my fabulous findings with you.

Whether you’re spring cleaning or spring hiding, consider an entry piece to help house those wandering odds and ends.

Your Decorating “In Style”

This past Sunday I was watching the Academy Awards, admiring Angelina Jolie’s leg and checking its twitter status @AngiesRightLeg all while getting my monthly dose of fashion with In Style. This month’s issue featured, unusually, a questionnaire to help you pick your decorating style.


I especially loved the part about lighting since they featured a chandelier we have had hanging in our showroom this year. It is by Currey & Co. and called the Valentina Chandelier. It is one of my favorite pieces and can really be the only accessory you need in a room.

So if you take the quiz (p. 587) and find yourself picking E on question 1 come see us. Here are a few more of my favorites from Currey & Co.








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What to do on Valentine’s day?

Most of the time coming up with a great gift idea or a
romantic get away can be difficult.  The time required to plan and
actually go on vacation can be a stretch on your time and your
significant other’s. Thinking outside the box of chocolates can help
give a unique and memorable gift that your spouse or significant other
will always remember, keeping you out of the dog house.

A normal gift certificate to his or her favorite store is
thoughtful but standard. However, a gift certificate for a new kitchen
or bathroom is WOW! Not only does he or she select their new dream
kitchen or bathroom it adds value to your home. You can set the budget
and one of our designers will help maximize it. The person will not
only enjoy the new area once completed but also have the enjoyment of
selecting the perfect finishes.

A new kitchen or bath will be something they remember
every time they enter that room. So when you are perplexed finding
that perfect gift for someone who has everything think about a
renovation project.

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New Light for a New Year

If you have recently done work in your home and are starting to get used to it there are ways to “relight” the way you look at it. Most of the time you can spice up your décor by adding back-splashes or a new couch, but what happens when you’ve done those things? Did you remember one of the most important aspects, actually seeing your upgrades?

Lighting can take a dull room and highlight the features you have spent hard earned money on. For instance, the beautiful glass backsplash you installed in your kitchen. Can you actually see it at night or is overshadowed by your upper cabinets? Under-cabinet lighting accentuates your backsplash and can create emphasis on it or the counters; all while providing you an excellent light source for cooking and even a great night light for midnight snacks. Another simple addition is a new lamp, which can either be a focal point or set the mood of a room.


Taking the idea a step further, albeit more complex, you can reinvent the lighting you have installed in your home. Track-lighting is useful and can help highlight or provide the light where you need it, but the off-white or bulky aluminum fixtures are seldom attractive and fit your style unless you still enjoy mid-80’s décor. Companies have been reinventing the track-light by adding style to the equation. From modern to elegant, newer lighting fixtures will take away the eyesore and add new life or light to a room.

However, if track-lighting is not you idea of style, don’t be afraid to take a light fixture you would normally find in your dinning room to other rooms. Chandeliers can really add an interest in a kitchen or living room. The only drawback is the reduction in light output. However, by adding recessed lighting, most light output can be regained. Although more work to put in, recessed lighting can be planned out to give light were needed and really make your lighting plan functional. Smaller lights above your couch or chair where you read can make the absence of a lamp seem unimportant and not be seen when the switch is off.

            So whether you are attempting to highlight your home’s best feature or renovating, make sure you address lighting. It will highlight and make you feel better about the money you have invested in your home.

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