Spooktacular Halloween Décor

We are days away from one of the most beloved holidays of the year. It’s a day when children can dress up as their favorite cartoon character, action hero, or sports athlete, and let the joys of childhood take over. Adults can dress the part too, in hopes of giving a little scare to the trick-or-treaters or at their own adult Halloween party.


Halloween is the time of year to let your inner child out, no matter your age. You can decorate your home both inside and out to evoke the spirit of Halloween. Pumpkins can be carved and lit up on your front steps, or painted and decorated with glitter for your side table. Bottles can be painted in black or army green, and decorated with silver or black glitter to depict bottles of potion or poison, depending on your desired level of scare.


A friendly front entrance to your home can be created with simple pumpkins, corn stalk, and hay, while you can up the scare for a terrifying entrance by draping cobwebs on your front porch, railings, windows and door. Ravens can be placed in the cobwebs, on the corn stalk, and around the porch for an added fright.


With terrifying entrances, scary costumes, and endless amounts of candy, kids and adults are bound to drop a piece of candy on the carpet, step on candy that’s been sprawled out on the floor to take inventory of their night’s haul, or a glass of wine might be spilled at a party. Whatever the reason for Halloween spills, we have you covered with our Resista cleaning products. Ranging from cleaning pads and cleaning powder, to carpet cleaner and pet cleaner, we have various tools and cleaners to assist with your cleaning.


Check out more of our website for more stain removal tips and visit our store to find approved cleaning products for your floors.

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Capture Your Family’s Happiness

The holiday season reminds us to be thankful for many things, especially our family, and spending quality time with them. Memories are a great reminder of those days and nights, but pictures can capture those moments forever. Not only should you have fun with your family this holiday season, but we want to see how your family has fun at home. Does your family have weekly game nights, or football viewing parties to root for your home team? Quality time at home with your family might be having a movie night with your significant other, playing in the yard with your children or cozying up on the couch with your beloved pets.

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Capture your moments on Instagram with the hashtags #FunHappens #EheartInteriorSolutions, and be sure to mention @FlooringAmerica and you could receive $1,000 from Flooring America and Eheart Interior Solutions to spend on your family this holiday season. With fall upon us, the holiday season will be here before we know it, which means that it’s not too early to start thinking about how you will celebrate the holidays with your friends and loved ones.

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Tell and show us how you have fun with your family!

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Giving You Your Dream Home

As homeowners we take great pride in our home, whether it is a starter home or a home that has years of wonderful memories. You might have purchased a home that you want to renovate to meet your style, or maybe your home has aged to the point where it’s simply time for a refresh to restore it to the home you once loved.

Whichever situation you find yourself in; we at Eheart Interior Solutions have beautiful products at affordable prices that will turn your home into your dream home. Our exclusive brands are suitable for not only every taste and budget, but also to meet your lifestyle needs. From our sophisticated hardwood, to our plush carpets, we offer ideal flooring types for every household.


In an even further attempt at allowing you to come home every day to a home that you are proud of and that fits your style, we are excited to offer financing with your flooring, allowing you to purchase a better product with a smaller out of pocket commitment. Financing opens up all new possibilities when reviewing flooring choices that meet your budgetary needs. It allows you to dream bigger and really go for the flooring that you love, not just the flooring that fits your budget.


We make financing with Eheart Interior Solutions and Flooring America easy. With various financing options to choose from; we allow you to choose the option that is best for you.

From our Eheart Interior Solutions family to yours, we are here to serve you.

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Shorter days, lower temperatures, and colorful leaves are just a few of the many implications that fall is upon us. Seasonal changes provide you with an opportunity to change the décor of your home, both inside and out. Fall is filled with warm scents and beautiful colors, and here at Eheart Interior Solutions, we want to bring those seasonal sensations to your home.

Let’s begin with the entry way, shall we? A decorated entry way is the perfect start to giving your home the fall feel you are looking for. Pumpkins, corn stalks, raffia, or straw all make for festive, and cost effective-additions to your entry way. Want to go above and beyond? Wrap autumn inspired garland around your mailbox or porch columns, and visitors will feel warmly welcomed even before stepping inside.


Now that we have the entry way taken care of, let’s move inside. Where better to start your interior decorating than the dinner table? Choose a festive centerpiece such as a cornucopia, pumpkins, or a colorful assortment of leaves that will be sure to catch the eye of your guests. These same decorations can also be used throughout the rest of the house in eye-catching places such as the mantel over your fireplace.


Preparing the interior of your house for fall isn’t all about the visuals. One of the best aspects of the fall season is the delicious smells. Fill your home with aromas like pumpkin pie, cinnamon apple cider, and burning wood from your fireplace. Consider also using candles, incense, or a boiled pot of spices to leave your house smelling autumn amazing.

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September is upon us, and with it, new beginnings. September marks the start of a new school year and new fall season. That’s right, it is time to put your bathing suit and boogie board back into storage and grab your scarf and rake. Although September does mean a decrease in temperature and increase in studying, it also opens up the opportunity to spend more time inside. Why, you may ask, would one want to spend his or her time inside? I will tell you why, because September marks the beginning of a brand new NFL Season.

If you are not a fan of sitting outside in the cold, paying an inflated amount for snack and beverages, or waiting in bumper to bumper traffic for hours, then kick back on your couch and enjoy the show. The NFL season is unlike any other, because each game is a special occasion. Unlike the MLB or NBA, both leagues which air a game every day, the NFL only plays on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays. What better way to bond with your family on Sunday than eating wings and watching your favorite quarterback juice up your fantasy football score?


At Eheart Interior Solutions, we welcome September and all its new beginnings. New beginnings can be both exciting and nerve-racking. When it comes to flooring, we want you to be excited about new opportunities. Moving into a new home? Our staff of professionals at Eheart Interior Solutions is fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to help you design your dream home. Thinking of making changes to your home? Eheart Interior Solutions offers the widest selection of hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, and carpet to meet your flooring needs.


New is good, and with Eheart Interior Solutions, new is easy.

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