Pets for Patriots

Giving Back, One Hero at a Time

We are proud to support Pets for Patriots as we work together to give back to our country’s veterans, and, in so doing, save the lives of animals in need.

Pets for Patriots is a 501(c)(3) charity whose mission is to make the joys of pet ownership achievable and affordable for service and veteran members of the U.S. military, to the benefit of both pet and person. Pets for Patriots connects veterans returning from deployment, active personnel looking to fill the void for their families while deployed, and long-term veterans in need of a constant companion, with adult and other at-risk shelter pets needing a loving home.

How You Can Help

When you donate through our store, 100% will go to Pets for Patriots to make a real difference in the lives of U.S. military personnel and pets in need. You’ll be playing a meaningful part in improving the lives of these patriots, and giving last-chance shelter animals a second chance at life.

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A family tradition is reborn with the help of Pets for Patriots.

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